Shop with a Cop of Silicon Valley

Operation Backpack: Back to School

Students can earn a backpack filled with school supplies by completing a summer homework packet and reading requirement. At the Operation Backpack distribution event, held in the month of August, students are given a good quality, empty backpack and a uniformed officer escorts them to various stations set up in the school cafeteria to fill their backpack with school supplies and reading books for their personal library. Shop with a Cop Silicon Valley (SWACSV) contributes to the success and brighter future of participating children by providing them with the necessary tools to give them a good solid start to their education.

Benefits of Operation Backpack

  • Students earn their way to the backpack distribution.
  • They must complete a summer homework packet and reading assignment.
  • Students are escorted by a uniformed Officer to fill the backpack with necessary school supplies and books for their personal home library.
  • Students who complete the summer homework packet and reading assignment are treated to a pizza and movie night in the month of September.

How Your Pledge Helps

  • Students will be able to start the school year off with the necessary tools.
  • Students will be able to see police officers as friends.
  • Your 100% donation goes to purchase backpacks and school supplies for disenfranchised children.